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Blood on our hands

Extremists and The Internet

Every single one of us.

We are a generation of Google. A generation with the convenience of political history, geography and global history at our fingertips.

We are a generation of Youtube. A generation that can see with ease and without restriction in most cases a window to the rest of the world’s pain, perspective, starvation and misery.

We are a generation of Facebook. A generation that can send messages and connect with global audiences and persuade the change of social norms in a matter of seconds.

We are a generation of Twitter. A generation that can take two seconds to write a statement comprised of 5 words and bring attention to change makers without ever having any connection to them.

We are a generation of the smartphone, the notebook, the ipad, a generation of couch political pundit convenience.


This is what we did in the last few months.

We helped the Internet to discuss its attempt to temporarily break while we consumed the exploitation of female assets through the ambition of a reality star.

We contributed to e-commerce shopping sites to crash on Black Friday.

We helped people retain their celebrity status by watching videos with no substance – 20 million views in 2 days.

We made shows that show us gore, conflict and fictional mythical warfare global hits by watching them again and again and again.

We had tailgates, super bowl parties, tuned in every Sunday, Monday and Thursday – did our lineups and hid in fantasies.

We threw more parties, decorated more cakes, saw more movies, consumed beyond gluttony and changed the channel when we saw something uncomfortable.


Moderation is the key to joy. So what if we enjoy the unnecessary, the insignificant sometimes?

No problem at all,


We are not moderates.

We are extremists – in everything.

We spend minutes, hours, days consuming information that does not better ourselves or humanity.


We tolerated the manifestation of institutionalized racism and, changed the channel.

We witnessed the choking of Garner, the police actions in Ferguson – but they were no match for the number of views compared to pop culture.

We watched and shared pictures of Gaza, Syria and effected little to no change on foreign policy.

We saw the news on gun shootings of innocent children – and we never had a national conversation on how damaged these individuals were and that they came from “normal” neighborhoods.

We raised our hands in pride and put our hands on our hearts and never officially accepted that we are a culture of torture.


We are physically sick – overwhelmed in obesity, diabetes and heart disease. We take and take and take.

We are mentally sick – and have increased our needs in anxiety pills, watched as suburban moms have taken to meth, heroin, cocaine – and locked up addicts instead of offenders.


We sit on our laptops watching the mothers beat their chest in pain and sorrow mourning over their children in coffins in Peshawar. We see the line of bodies wrapped in white cloth lining the floor of the childrens’ school. Bloodied green uniforms, torn book bags, and dead bodies.

We do breath. We can breath and we breathe easily. We eat, breath, laugh, buy and sleep.

We will scroll down the news feeds, change the channel, do the last minute buy and watch the senseless Youtube video to check out the hype.

What did we use our eyes, minds, clicks for?


Look at what consumes you, Look at your search history, Look at what algorithms have provided for you as news.

We are a generation of Google, Youtube, Facebook. Twitter, Smartphone, Notebook, Ipad, and we have have blood on our hands.

The thoughts and consuming activities of your minds can be traced, repeated and placed in an attractive video showing your history in the new world of information and social media.

No dear, you cannot wash this blood so easily.


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